Integration of Third Party To-Do Lists

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Matt S on Sept. 1, 2021:

The To-Do features in Traction make it unusable for me for several reasons. If you can't create, edit, and close tasks within 5 seconds, you're not going to use the tool. Please either copy MSFT To Do verbatim, or find a way to sync a to do list into Traction Tools.
I can create tasks off of emails simply by flagging the email or marking Important. Much of what we are tasked with originates with an email, so converting emails into tasks is critical. Checking the email flag off as done thus completes the task.
MSFT To Do allows deadlines, reminders, file attachments, checklists items, and notes field. Reminders on mobile and PC work perfectly. If an app can't send a push notice to my device, then it's worthless to me as a reminder tool.
Trello: Their advanced Checklists features are worth every penny for a paid account. Checklist templates (onboard/offboard staff, etc), assigning sub tasks, reminders, "follow" a task or checklist to keep tabs on progress, deadlines, links, image pasting.

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