Accountability Chart™ sandbox

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A separate Accountability Chart to plan structural changes without altering your existing Accountability Chart.

Renata M on Aug. 31, 2021:

Sometimes we want to explore changes without publishing them to the entire organization before we're ready to announce.

Dennis A on Sept. 1, 2021:

This is a huge problem for us. IDS’d it this week actually. We want to build a future chart but don’t want to share with all. Don’t want to use another tool and duplicate work effort.

Gareth M on Sept. 1, 2021:

Very useful - always have a future chart to inform HR priorities and hiring strategies. Also to workshop what function will be required to support strategies being discussed.
NOTE: Please can you put time into some more function on the current chart? Eg can you chose to have sub seats cascading vertical down the page rather than only horizontal?

Clayton B on Sept. 1, 2021:

We are actually working through this currently. We need to identify AC gaps in our 3 and 10 year plans.

Kristyan M on Sept. 1, 2021:

This is something we have asked for, and would be extremely valuable to future planning without publishing them for everyone to see.

Adam F on Sept. 1, 2021:

Vital for working on updates to the AC without actually impacting the current one. What happens when we grow? What happens if we move seats somewhere else. We need this feature!

Craig S on Sept. 1, 2021:

We've been wanting this from day 1. It's very difficult to "play around" with / do what ifs in the AC without freaking people out who have and need access to the current AC.

PS - Also second big time what Gareth said. An option to flow seats down instead of always horizontal would be awesome!

Jen S on Sept. 1, 2021:

I think Craig S said it best ... a leadership team needs to plan 12-18 months out without freeking out the rest of the team. It's forced us to do our planning in a graphics tool, then make AC changes only when we're ready to communicate.

Gayle H on Oct. 1, 2021:

You need an "AS-is" and a "To-be"

Deedee W on Dec. 16, 2021:

I would also like a feature in AC that addresses the timing of Quarterly Conversations and changes/moves of direct reports. Currently, we are unable to make moves in the AC until the QC is completed. It would be great if it is based on the dates of the quarter as opposed to the date of the QC.

Natalee A on Jan. 14, 2022:

I would have used this many times already. We are constantly working on changing the seat structure as we expand, but we don't want to show it to the whole company as we move things around and work on them. This would be so helpful.

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