Virtual Sessions Optimized

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Be sure to tell us what optimizations you would like to see.

Changes to all virtual sessions:

  • Include a Rock Status of Not Done

  • Show Issues list on side of screen of all agenda pages

  • Ability to pause timer on Virtual Sessions

Note: Virtual Sessions provide teams the ability to run their Focus Day™, Vision Building™ Day 1, Vision Building Day 2, Quarterly Planning Sessions and Annual 2 Day Planning Sessions through Traction Tools by selecting "Run Special Session" on the Start the Meeting page.

Renata M on Aug. 31, 2021:

Rock status of Not Done would be hugely beneficial.

Roger V on Sept. 1, 2021:

Running virtually will continue to be paramount to our successful help first core value and optimising the look, feel and functionality of virtual meetings is a priority for clients, whether they’re active or graduated clients.
Thanks guys, keep up your great work!
All the best
Roger V

Elia A on Sept. 14, 2021:

As a fully remote team, having an effective way to run our quarterly and annual sessions is vital to our workflow and processes. Even though many teams are "returning to office" we don't have an office to return to! We would especially love for the editing of a meeting agenda to be more user intuitive. It takes a lot of patience to change up the agenda, even ever so slightly, to accommodate our unique needs. Likewise, not being able to pause the agenda is an inconvenience because I have to edit the agenda in order to include breaks so we don't run out of time erroneousy.

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